• Welcome on the site of the 37th edition of the EMBRUNMAN

    The Mythical long distance triathlon in the Hautes-Alpes


    After decision of  French Authorities to cancel Embrunman

    You have 3 solutions about registration

    • In first you can transfer on 2021 competition . You have no more money to pay even if we change registration price . We will open for your a personnal account  on our website. Then to enter we will give you a code and you will can change some information before 51th May 2021 as address, phone, mail, name of your new team ,  licence numbers and you must  joint your new license 2021. It’ same if you have no license but a medical certificate


    • After you can ask to refund money

    you have  2 possibilities

    – You can use rules of embrunman and you  have immediatly 50%

    – You can use French law about Covid which precise that we refund 100% but after 18 months

    When you have decided but before september 15th, send mail to gerald.iacono@free.fr and explain clearly your choose
    Sorry for my English


    Gerald Iacono



    • Embrunman
    • Embrunman Relay
    • Awards ceremony 


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