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    News about Covid and Organization

    Situation update

    I think it is necessary to provide an update because polemics have been raised in Facebook groups, often due to misunderstanding or sometimes badtrust. I also have to give information about the ongoing discussions with the official authorities.
    We will organize the Embrunman.
    Next August 15, in difficult conditions for both volunteers and triathletes, with unusual sanitary guidelines. This will add difficulty to the difficulty.
    The Embrunman lives up to its reputation. The participants will be proud because this exception will make them heroes.
    There are currently 570 registered athletes, 330 remaining places.
    It is then obvious that the future registrants are acting intentionally.

    For those who registered before March 31, they can be replaced by another athlete:

    • Provide a copy of the registration file and rules,
    • Send these documents by email with a copy of the license,
    • For unlicensed athletes, please attach a valid medical certificate,
    • A licensed athlete can only be replaced by another licensed athlete, an unlicensed athlete by an unlicensed athlete.

    For the team relay event, the race is cancelled and the registrations will be refunded.

    We will be in a loss-making situation because our event will have less revenues and more important expenses. Some expenses like T-shirt, medals,energy products, swim caps, will be reduced; but less revenues since no selling, no sponsor exhibition (the amounts paid in advance will be returned).
    One balances with the other in the budget.

    The limitation to 5000 people leads to:

    • 900 competitors
    • 1800 volunteers and organizing companies
    • For public, every athlete can submit a request to invite 2 family members (spouse, children, parents). Identity documents will be required.
    • On the road, the public must respect social distancing and sanitary measures. They do not count in the limitation of 5000 people.

    From these clear elements, I would like to answer to the numerous insults that the Embrunman should not be interrupted because it is difficult, if not impossible, to restart it. The connoisseurs know that we had to overcome several obstacles from the beginning. Today, they was faced but they are still dormant and they can reappear at any moment. I’m treated of swindler, thief, you must know that professional companies can organize the same event as Embrunman.
    However, there will be losses, thus no profit. It is financially better for them to postpone rather than organize. Know that I am very upset. With everythin I’ve done for the Embrunman for 37 years. I could have sold it but I declined, 500000€. If I loved money so much at 76, I would have had a good end of life and luxurious summer vacations.
    Modifications will be done on the website homepage after June 15th.

    So, good training for participants. Know that many athletes in the history of Embrunman have already succeeded in training in less than 3 months, and
    many were finishers.
    So good training and see you on August 15.

    Gérald Iacono

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