• Welcome on the site of the 37th edition of the EMBRUNMAN

    The Mythical long distance triathlon in the Hautes-Alpes



    12/08/2021 Merchandising Area Great Opening 12h to 8pm
    13/08/2021 Merchandising Area 8am to 8pm
    14/08/2021 Embrunman Cycles entry 1.30 pm to 6.30 pm
    Merchandising Area 8am to 8pm
    15/08/2021 EMBRUNMAN
    Merchandising Area 8am to 8pm
    16/08/2021 Awards Ceremony
    Merchandising Area 8am to 12 am


    New rules related to covid and vigipirate :

    Sketches :

    1. 1-race numbers
    2. 2-bike park access
    3. 3-finish line area
    4. 4-bike park
    5. 5-bike park arranging
    6. 6-feed stations
    7. 7-finish line
    8. 8-start
    9. 9-zone port
    10. 10-zone commerce
    11. 11-pma – finish feed station
    12. 12-finish line
    13. 13-bike park movement


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